8 Tells if a woman is into you + [FIDGET MEME]

We got 8 tells if a woman is into you right here gentlemen! Let Seth take some of the guesswork out of it for you! Alright maybe this video confuses you at some point but that's cuz you haven't listened to me enough yet. You need a larger level of expertise. But no worries. Poppa Seth will be around for a while!

In this video, we go over some of the essential tells on how to spot if a woman is into you are not! How to tell if a woman is into you is pretty simple with these 8 tells.

1) Eye contact the 2nd most important one!
2) Her eyes are attracted to you the entire time
3) She talks about you to her friend
4) She asks about you to your friends
5) She tries to get close, even a bit intimate
6) She gives you compliments more than often
7) She is nervous around you
8) There are 1001 tells, seeing them is the most important thing

8 Tells if a woman is into you, you should know!

You should learn how to see if a woman likes you gentleman. It's where all the fun starts! Where you can be who you are! There are so many signs like I said. That's why you should keep your eyes on the price. Keep looking for tells. Don't be afraid to walk up to a woman. If you got problems with that watch my video series on confidence! It has tips on how to be confident and how to handle the side-effects of your confidence. One of those is haters!

Anyway, gentlemen, you are the man you are and you should grasp those looks of these women. You should keep an eye out for the tells! Do not wait any longer for what lies out there. Go make yourself happy. Do yourself a favor and share this video! Because you know how incredible it is after you watched it!

Gentleman flirting is not a problem, the woman will do that with you if you're worth it! The only thing left to do for you is grabbing that chance! Now you know how not to miss it! Greetings Seth Carnett!

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