Will Fapping Reduce Muscle Growth?

Gentleman! Will fapping reduce muscle growth! Bizarre! That never bothered me when I was young! Alright, maybe once or twice when people were selling me dog poop cookies. So it may be a question asked by some of you at certain times. Let me give you clarity on this subject once and for all! Nobody will tell you what I’m about to tell you!

Will fapping reduce muscle growth at any point?

I haven’t really looked into the scientific point of view on this but who needs that when you have a voice like mine! Not to be arrogant or anything but I don’t think anyone will paint you a clearer picture on masturbation than I will. Mainly because I had a crazy family who taught everything you do is bad! Repent sinner! Repent! I hear the echo’s of the whip still cracking!

Naah, I’m kidding! Or perhaps I’m not! Certain families still have crazy beliefs and those crazy beliefs are getting spread since the good ole days till today on the internet. These people who say ludicrous things aren’t gone yet and will they ever.

It doesn’t bother me! Someone has to make sure stupidity remains a class act! Ever wondered who really keeps the world segregated? Is it the Jew, Muslim, Atheist or Feminist? No, it’s the people who don’t know any better. Leave people their choice! Masturbation has been lied about and exaggerated about! It will not reduce muscle growth! It may make you a lazy pig, which may lead to reduced muscle mass but it’s an effect from it. Guns don’t kill people… it’s the projectile rushing into your flesh at an enormous speed that kills you! It’s the fact your skin has been penetrated and that your blood is pouring out! Guns don’t kill… they are just tools.

Anyway, enjoy this video fella. I hope you see the humor in this video or that you get a little bit of balance in that sickened mind of yours. Peace.

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