Why is Stretching Important any time of the day?!

Ladies & Gentlemen, why do you think, early in the morning, people in the army do a warm-up before doing their more than tough duty? It’s because they know more than any other person out there that a prepared body is a body that can really go deep without too much side effects afterward. So why is stretching important?

Prevent a sprained ankle, a pulled muscle or even worse by a decent warm-up or should I say some stretching. A flexible body is a body that has better movement and can hold it together when high impact training hits it.

Stretching is an all round medicine against muscle stiffness, aching joints, degeneration of the body and much more. You should start a soon as you can!

Why is Stretching important for everyone?!

Old or young, you should always allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes time to correctly stretch and reap the benefits from it. During the day, when you wake up, whatever! For the people who are getting old. Stretch 3 times a day! I highly recommend it to relief you of some issues, they will improve them at least!

Stretching is important and I wanted you to know. I’m getting older too every year and I started to understand what it means to be stiff and sore and having aching joints. I started stretching a time ago and everything has improved. We still get old and there will still be some troubles but it won’t just overcome me. I’m actively trying to hold it back! That is life! Take control and stretch. Because it’s hella important!

If there is amino for it, just ask and I’ll do a video of different stretching exercises! Thank you for watching. Now Go Fetch A Stretch! Thumbs up for this video!

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