Why Are Superfoods Super – PART IV

Part IV of our superfoods series. Why are Superfoods Super! We have seen many foods pass by over the past 4 weeks but this last one is special because we have the most common and simple superfood of all highlighted in this video. Apples!

Apples are good because they have fiber in it. Fiber is something that our body needs to slow down the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the blood stream. This is good because it will help reduce insulin spikes in our blood. This will keep us stable and energized throughout the day. Saying apples is good without explaining why they are good doesn’t do much to people, does it? Even Seth used to get the ‘because they are’ answer. Instead of a good explanation.

Fiber won’t only help you with that but it will also promote better health of your colon which reduces the chance of cancer. It will also reduce constipation which isn’t funny at all and it’s low in calories.

But with apples included, we will also look at many other superfoods as well.

Foods like:

20. Apples
21. Cranberries
22. Garlic
23. Cauliflower
24. Leeks
25. Lentils

With all these foods spread out over 4 parts we hope we have brought you insight on why are Superfoods Super and what they can do for you. If you want to we can go in debt about these in other videos. We will certainly discuss more foods over the course of years. However, we hope that we brought you
some ideas and inspiration on these foods already.

Our next 4 part series will be up next week. We have yet to find out what it’s going to be about. Hopefully, you stick with us and subscribe so you can follow that 4 part series too. We love to have you.

For now, we wish you a pleasant week & some great breakfasts, lunches, and dinners! Thanks for watching!

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