Why are Superfoods Super – Part III

Hi, everyone! It’s March already, we are building quite the list of videos. Today we bring you another Superfoods video Part III of IV of our series on Superfoods! We hope you liked Part I & Part II

Stay tuned for a Superfood that brought up some good memories. These memories reach way back when I still had my grandfather around. He’s still around in my thoughts. But this must be one of my favorite memories I have had with him when we spend time together. In today’s video, we will also look into super scrunchies foods like:

14. Eggs

15. Almonds

16. Ginger

17. Beets

18. Beans

19. Pumpkin

These foods help your normal body functions and can prevent or different health issues. Such as heart disease, cancers, and vision. Besides that they are filled with minerals and vitamins that will boost your immune system and an immune system that is 100% will absolutely keep you in good shape!

So why would you wait to check out this video? Inform yourself a little more in-depth with the information you will find and give us some thoughts on the delicious recipe proposals you find along with them.

If you have any other advice on how we can improve our next 4 parts series we are happy to implement that according to your wishes.

Now, stay tuned for part III of IV & see you next week for the last part. Where we going to talk about apples and other totally awesome superfoods.

If you want to see the other videos, feel free to look for them under the menu fitness or simply use the keyword Superfoods in the search bar on top. I hope you will enjoy those videos too. Bye bye!

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