Website Progress

Many hurdles and setbacks with the website progress. It didn’t start off like that thou. Over here I’ll show you the very first look of the website. This didn’t look like much really because when I started it, I still had to learn HTML and CSS. Yes, I started building a website in notepad first. That took me a couple of weeks to a month and a half.

That website wasn’t too bad but it looked childish and unprofessional so I started looking for other ways to take up a web site. I had someone set me up a WordPress website who I found out afterward didn’t do what I thought he’d do. He just installed a theme. So I still needed to correctly place everything where it needed to be. I couldn’t because I didn’t know that much about WordPress.

So I looked for some developers online. Hell… I think I will really, really hold myself back from doing this again unless I have no other option. In my opinion, the website progress would have been faster.

Those people are close to criminals.

They will get some work done but expect the time they tell you to be 4 to 10 times the time and only half the work. The won’t fix little details you didn’t mention, they won’t give you the good service to show up at appointments over skype and much more of that.

Also, I advise you to not pay to much upfront because Paypal isn’t secure at all when it comes to buyers protection. Anyway, all that in the past I worked on the site which was still full of bugs 2-3 weeks myself. I got more work done than those so called companies. Finally, it left me with a pretty okay result. If you want to go check it out at Mr2ndopinion.

I love to have you there and if you are someone who wants to work on the mr2ndopinion project with me whether you’re a developer or an SEO expert or anything else just fill in the contact form on the site.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed seeing this website progress video!

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