Vidme Reflection & How YOU Can Help!

The last video for this week will be about experience with Vidme. A little Reflection. What do I think about this new platform? How is my first experience? I must admit this experience has been nothing but great! I never thought Vidme could be so meaningful to me as I do today! As a 1 month creator at this platform, I became very happy! I hope my viewers and other creators share the same feelings for Vidme. If not feel free to comment.

More than a reflection upon Vidme!

This video is also about strategizing towards a bigger purpose. Putting yourself in the ditches to make sure Vidme gets more visitors. In the video, I will discuss how you can do this by supporting the platform through sharing! We will go over the reason why sharing is so important!

But there is more good news! Come to google+ and type in Vidme strike force and find the group, created to learn more about marketing plans and strategizing. I hope people show some interest in this group. This way we can learn from each other and talk about strategies. Strategies we personally use and can come to the benefit of attracting more visitors to the platform. There may even be room for collaborations between two or multiple members.

Next, this Vidme reflection video will also take up some time from you so I can ask your help! I've created some decent content on a weekly basis lately but I love to be able to say I couldn't have done it without these people. Some of this content is funny other information is interesting or perhaps 'life-saving'. Can you help with this?

If you feel the urge to be among my midst and to help me out with my platform in any way you want then you can contact me. I'll love to have some companions working their ways out of the ditches with me. This platform is only the beginning of a nice long run of happiness!

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