What I Think About Deodorant

Deodorant, some people need it but not Seth Carnett. I’m not a big fan of deodorant. What I think about deodorant is more than just a video about what I think about deodorant. It’s a video about being a man. It’s a video that will give you advice on how to be more manly and how you should think about what it is to be a man.

In today’s world, we need to smell fresh and perfumed 100 % of the time, there is no room for man musk. There is no room for smelling like a man. But why not. Why do some of those pussies out there have their panties up in a bunch?

Anyway deodorant I don’t like it.

For me, it leaves many question marks why some people put on deodorant right after they came out of the shower? Is it against sweat to come right? But why would you hold of your sweat… it doesn’t stink for at least 5-6 hours after and it gives out chemicals in the air that make the woman more sexually attracted to you. So why wouldn’t you listen to Seth and grow a pair of balls? What if someone says you smell funky… That’s their damn problem and if they don’t like it they can go eat a bagel or something, right?

Here are my guidelines for wearing deodorant.

1) Workout and grab a sweat and let the musk do its work
2) If it gets too funky go grab a shower
3) Shower instead of using bull shit products
4) Grab her a bottle of chardonnay with the money you saved
5) Enjoy each other cuz you only live once!

Have a good one, you wankers! Because you are worth it! Bye!

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