They Broke My Legs

They broke my legs! Or they didn’t. It doesn’t matter. No matter what happens to you, you are beautiful and you will be who you are meant to be. This video, they broke my legs is purely made to advise you to stay strong!

Be strong all the time you are walking the road because walking the road to justice is a wonderful road. Sometimes people are not aware of the injustice in this world but today you will go exploring with Seth.

You will most likely find out more about my past and perhaps you will see a reflection of your own experiences. May those become past to you too! At mr2ndopinion we try our best to help you with the tools and experience we have gained in our life! That’s what makes me tick. Helping you, supporting you is my everyday favorite habit.

Everyone needs a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on when your leg is broken, or when you are recovering from something nasty that happened or when you just want to be there for someone else! I love you for that, let me hope you know that!

They broke my legs is a support video!

I do these kinds of videos because it’s been my most important task in the world! I don’t always need to fill my time with material things. Although I really love some nice gadgets in my life. When I have them, I enjoy them the most! But that’s because I know how to appreciate. I appreciate people more than the things I have. That’s been hard lately because I’ve seen people have more appreciation for material goods than for other people. But it doesn’t matter broken legs or not we keep on kicking in the water. Soon we are running again! As long and as far as we can!

Ladies & Gentlemen I hope this video, they broke my legs inspires you and helps you get back on your feet. If you’re not there yet! I’ll be there for you!

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