The Man Bag 2017 – Why get one!

Man & woman are equal, they both have a need for a bag. A bag for a woman is called a purse a bag for a man is called murse, some think that’s funny. Seth doesn’t think it’s funny. I call it the man bag or just bag to keep things as simple as they are.

There are many advantages to having a bag. It comes in handy for long trips or a day away from home. Or the bag can simply sit in the back of your car for when you need to somewhere. You can take a lot more things with you when you have a bag. More things than when you just have your pants or jacket pockets at your disposal. But the man bag has many other great advantages than just putting things away in or getting things out from.

The bags I recommend are leather bags.

I love leather and I’m sorry if that offends some vegans out there but here me out. I’m still ethical with it comes about treating animals right! However, I think a strong leather bag is a thing to have when you are going for a medium to small sized throw over the shoulder bag.

There are many other things you should have in mind before buying one. In this video about the man bag, we will explain you some of these. The man bag may also be something for you when you transitioning from school to a workplace environment or simply when you want to be more stylish.

Don’t wait any longer and check our video, the man bag and get to know more about why you should have one and what to keep in mind. I wish you a very pleasant day!

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