A Sweater for Colder Weather

It is this time of year that things get a little hotter. No worries it isn’t that hot yet and you can still grab your most favorite sweaters. But Seth what kind of varieties can we find in sweaters. Let’s look into that in this video a sweater for colder weather.

I will tell you in this video what type of luxurious sweaters you can find out there that will fit most needs. Whether that need is for a cold autumn day or maybe even a winter day or a warmer mid-spring day. A sweater for colder weather will cover all these possibilities. Even more, we will show you the most and more common sweater types out there. We didn’t include the hoodie or sweatshirts because they don’t really fit the bill when talking about stylish sweaters. To me, they are more casual sweaters that are made to do some work in and are less suitable for leisure time or something alike. However, I do believe there are some sweatshirt or hoodies out there that are very stylish. They do deserve a mention in one of my other videos later this year.

In this video, we will talk about the:
  • Turtle-neck sweater
  • V-neck sweater
  • Crew neck sweater
  • Aran sweater
  • Polo sweater
  • Sweater vests

We will also go over the different types of fabric and give you some washing guidelines for when you want to wash your sweater.
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I’ll see you on Monday for our 4-parts series on addictions! I’m 100% sure it can make you quite or reduce your bad habits after seeing this series!

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