Supporting a Good Friend!!!

Supporting a good friend. In this video, I share my opinion on a good friend his story. This is something I think people need to hear. I’ve known him for plenty of years. I think his life has given me a lot of insight. Insight on how people get to feel and who they become if they are not taking care of properly.

Sometimes people hesitate to be there for other people. This behavior will ‘the out of date response’ on the long run. Sometimes people let it come that far so that the people who didn’t get help don’t want help anymore. It feels to them like they didn’t get the support issue and that they missed out on it and still don’t get it. Too late to help.

So when they expect, that a person will need their help, these people moved on and now they are left helpless. Yes, some governments don’t want to see good people go, but they didn’t do enough to prevent it. And they take it for granted while they reassure themselves they did enough.

Many times as seen in accidents or events being too late can cost you your job, a life, a mortgage payment, a loved pet or even a relationship.

With this serious video, we hope we can make people think twice when they hesitate to support someone in distress or need.

We think you should know yourself and how actions, in the long run, put things at stake. Things you never wish to lose. Things that can be very unwanted and real. Personally, I see this video as a greeting to the people who still care. To good friends who definitely are going to put in even more effort and support. Simply because they know what I’m talking about.

If you have any comments what so ever, or you do not understand this completely feel free to leave your thoughts about it in the comment section.

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