Spotting Bad Relationships

Another dosage of advice. Spotting bad relationships is something you should see. Some people don’t lose no sleep of seeing the bad around them. They simply have no sleep and waking cycle at all, so how can they lose sleep. In other words, they do not have someone say hey, that’s not right in your life or someone else his life. See no, hear no, speak no evil they say. Well great, that’s just great. You now are too nice for this world and they abuse the ish out of you. So are you really nice? Perhaps you are but some are not and therefore you are being fooled. Sorry but you have to wake up your ruler!

Anyway, in spotting bad relationships, we go into a testimony about Jeffrey and how Jeffrey treats very badly without you even being aware of it. You may already started to sense it and you may already became mad and angry at life. There are two faced people out there. Yesterday I told myself, you are good and bad at the same time. I’m also two faced I’m myself and mad. Mad at you and this video intends to show you either that it’s not okay or that you are pulling it together and doing alright.

Spotting bad relationships

Here are 10 tips for you on how to spot bad relationships but there are much more hidden away in the content of the video itself. Want to reflect on yourself and your relationships and want to be a better friend or want to get rid of energy sucking vampires in your life than this video is the thing for you!

If you want to be reminded of good choices or educate yourself just a little more in life, which not taught at school than you can benefit from this video also. If you liked it give me a thumbs up, a comment or subscribe. I work hard on having you make the right choices.

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