We @ Mr2ndopinion would like to lend ourselves to you! We want to offer our services! We know we can be of great value to your personal life! That’s why we are offering Skype conference calls to you at a very affordable price! Whether you are looking for:

1. Fitness Advice, support or coaching
2. Style Advice
3. Grooming Advice
4. Relationship Advice, support or coaching
5. Life Advice, support or coaching

We can help you with all these categories. We are to your assistance! In our videos, you can find quite some information already but let’s be honest. We can’t videotape everything we know in just 30 minutes, right? That’s right we can’t. What we can do is give you the chance to ask your pre-prepared questions toward us. We work with sessions of  30 minutes at a rate of 30 euros. The entire 30 minutes we fully dedicate to you! What will you get for out of this?

Top notch information & advice that will not only inform you but help you push through ‘problems’ you are having or facing. This consultation will get you closer to the prospects you’re looking for. It’s a promise. If you are not happy with the services I’ve offered you I will return you your money without questions asked. If you are happy and you recommend someone to us they get a 5 euro discount!

So whatever your question may be I will get you advice on it. If you want to hire me for this please go to my contact page or Click Here. Fill in the form, leave your email address, your question(s) and the times you can be available and what place in the world you live and I will suggest a time and date to you to see if you are open for our conversation! We can use skype call or just write to each other on Skype.

Love to hear from you and to be of your service.

Your Sincerely,

Seth Carnett