Increase Your FAVORITE Shoe's Life!

Shoe's life maintenance tools: Shoe stretcher & Shoe care kit:

We all have a favorite pair of shoes! If have about 8 pairs of shoe's I love. Really my love for my shoe's is intense! Lol. But here's my question for you. Do you know how to increase a shoe's life? To make sure your shoe's life is long enough so you can totally enjoy them to the fullest? Well, I do! That's why I made you this video. Another totally free video! In this video, I'll give you 7 tips on how to increase your shoe's life + some easter eggs in between the tips!

Increase Your Favorite Shoe's Life with these 7 tips:

1) Buy High-Quality Shoe's
2) Rotate Your Shoe's
3) Polish Your Shoe's
4) Watch Where You Walk
5) Plan Ahead!
6) Lift Your Feet!
7) Keep Your Shoe's In Shape!

These tips will certainly lengthen your shoe's lifetime with at least 25% gentleman & ladies! Besides not scuffling your feet doesn't make you look motivated. Poor maintained shoe's make you look like a slacker and wearing the same shoe's over and over again makes you look boring!

Keep those shoes in shape with these tips! If you love your shoe's this is the guide that'll help you clean and take care of your shoe's. It'll give you insight into the shoe care question. It's part of living a good lifestyle. It's part of who you are. You just have to extend your care into the care for your shoe's to make sure that extension of you looks on point!

There is nothing as fantastic as a well-shaped shoe and a person who fits them well! Do you have any tips left? Leave them in the comments!

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