Shaving your arms

Some may wonder why someone shaves his arms. Well in this video we are not only showing you how but we also give you a look on the why people do it. Personally, I did this for the first time and I’m not sure I will keep doing it.

It’s not hard to shave your arms but you do have to take some time to do all that shaving. Maybe you like doing it as it is a relaxing side job from your maybe difficult day job. Anyway shaving your arms does not always have to be weird. Plenty of folks do it.

Yes they do!

Do you shave your arms? Come visit us at the channel and comment on the video whether or not you do it and why and for how long. I won’t be surprised to see the same answers show up again and again. Because it seems like it’s something mostly bodybuilders or weightlifters do.

After doing the video I’m still in doubt whether or not I should shave them or I should start waxing them. What I noticed is when I shave them it doesn’t take all to long before they start showing up again and it will be quite the task to do it over and over and over again if you know what I’m saying. So perhaps next video on armchair I’ll be waxing them. Maybe I will do a video on how to wax some parts of the body.

It’s funny to see a man do this but why shouldn’t we equally try to look good. The ladies do that for us. All sexes like a partner that looks appealing to them don’t they. However if you in a relationship with someone, ask them their opinion about it first! 🙂

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