How To Save Money Part IV of IV

In this last part of our 2nd series ladies and gentlemen, we try to give you the last bits of information. How to save money part 4 hopefully will be a good point that rounds it up for you.

Saving money by looking for other solutions, looking at it in another way. This may not only spice your savings but also your creativity and you may be surprised how it sparks this. If you get interested suddenly you will start having ideas throughout the day on how you can do something better. Maybe you will become a creator of a product that is successful. If you do please think of me afterward. 🙂

If you prepare for buying things you will pay less money than you original thought that it would cost you. You can be surprised how much money you can save this way. Go to 24 hours open shop and pay up to 50 % extra on items you can buy in a daytime shop or go shop online in a neighboring country and pay less that in your own country. You can also browse shops to find cheaper shops or you can buy your items in bulk and get a discount. Or maybe even combine these ideas and get up to 70% off. Or maybe you can make your items yourself.

This and many other tips inside the video on how to save money. These solutions will save money and may help you get extra savings and may help you get that long earned vacation or ride a limousine every day!

Here are the solutions on a small list:
1) Be prepared or pay extra.
2) Browse shops for the lowest price
3) Buy In bulk
4) Make your own ‘toothpaste’
5) Travel together or take turns
6) Start selling stuff that’s rotting away
7) Repair your own stuff
8) Negotiate prices
9) Use containers instead of throw-away options
10) Make a quadruple batch of casserole.

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