Problematic Days

Struggles in life everyone has them, I know I did more videos on relationships and things happening in my life than on style, fitness, and grooming but at the moment these other things are more there in my life. Things are difficult right now in my life because it seems day in day out people are focusing me and playing it hard on me.

So let’s give it a little attention right. Struggling, it’s not longer something I do. I have had lots of mishaps. In this video, I will get you the viewer an idea on what continues to exist in my life. Go to the police some would say but how can you actually prove certain things that happen in the dark right…

Well, I’m telling you, friends, don’t be scared… that monster is nothing to me. It’s a downright shame people are acting like that calling me the halfwit town drunk. As you can see I’m chill and I’m done with it, it’ll show up in my life some more but hey,… people make bad decisions, it’s you who are blessed and YOU who are keeping YOUR life together.

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