New Channel Trailer

I started this channel with no experience! Two days ago I looked back at the beginning. That’s about 4.5 months ago now. Today I have a new channel trailer!

I can tell you, folks, one thing! I’ve grown. My methods have grown and this channel has grown. There have been many growing pains. But here we are. A new trailer. This trailer is part of a reforming of the channel. I can tell you one thing before this reform I’ve struggled with inexperience! Today I’m a better man a constantly improving Seth Carnett.

We are currently switching to another host for the website. We are also improving the websites looks, namely the color scheme and logo. And as of next Monday, we will be using the new intro & outro! We truly hope you like it!

So yes it’s been quite the ride already!

I’m getting more experienced in what I do and what I want for the channel. I hope you find me more worthy of subscribing to now since I’ve worked my butt off! And I advise everyone to do the same! It’s so worth it seeing all the progress I’ve made and I’m looking to make even more progress in the future!

If you want to do something fun. Then come take a ride with us! We offer an exciting experience and your help may inspire us to create content beyond dreams. We can’t wait to hear your nifty ideas. So please feel free to contact us and we are happy to share ideas with you and work together with you! Along the road, there may be incentives in it for you! Like sponsored gear!

Just let me know what you can do for us. You’re always welcome!

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