Moving in Together

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies, and gentleman! Because you’re on a move! It will happen sooner than later! Moving in together is a video that you will like! It’s funny but also kinda serious! That reflects how you should be staying together. Have a little fun together be a little serious together!

I did moving in together because I find it important for young people to know that they shouldn’t step into something like that with too many fears. Fears & negative expectations can really sabotage the change before it even happens!

That’s pretty much a problem in every situation, isn’t it! Negative expectations give you a preset of options as a reaction and you don’t really respond to things anymore but react! Anyway, it’s not bad to react on things you know to be happening over and over again but you might want to rethink it at certain times about things like moving in!

Wipe the slate clean before Moving in Together.

Don’t expect to know what it’s going to be like. Expect to know you are going to have to figure it out. Teach yourself ways on how to handle this life together. It’s more than just being in love, isn’t it! More than being happy together. It pretty much asks you to adjust yourself because the other person likes it to be that way. Of course you sometimes just chose to adjust yourself instead of asking that favor of your partner! Man or woman up a little and leave your partner his or her ways!

Moving in together is exciting and fun, I do hope you enjoy this video & what you learned from it so that you can become a happy & accomplished couple! Let’s start packing now!

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