Motivation Living A Depressing Life [CHALLENGE INSIDE]

Motivation Living A Depressive Life. How to get motivated when living in circumstances that are making you anything but happy. Are the strong smiling inside and faking it on the outside? Or is it as hard for them as it is for everyone else? Perhaps or maybe not!

In the last video for this week I want to shout out to people who need support. To people who may also have depressive weekends as well? It may be so because they smoke or drink themselves away from their problems instead of actually having fun! Yes, this is a reality for some because their reality is down-right depressing. I’ve been there.

Check out this video series on addiction.

Motivation Living a Depressing Life it’s possible!

Let Seth tell you about his story, about what he was going through and what made him look forward through those bad years! It may inspire you to hang on to the small joys you have in life! Or it helps you focus on the small things again that can bring happiness without anyone interfering! Well almost nobody! Bad people will always be bad people of course! Once a thief always a thief they say. It’s a truth but people change. Thievery doesn’t! There will always be someone who makes you depressed. Kick the habit or the addiction of feeling those feelings!

Stick around and watch the video and if you liked it subscribe, like and comment so I know you appreciate the things I spoke of to help you! If anyone asks me, why did you do it? I’d say, I did it with a bright smile on my face! Kill the depressive you (mentally) & live your life and passions! Cheers!

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