Marrying a partner your parents like!

Should or shouldn’t you be marrying a partner your parents like or love? For the sake of two people who told you they love you since birth. Maybe it comes as a shock but realizes this love was their way of loving you and doesn’t conform to the way you became or are becoming.

This new way of living often includes a partner who is to your liking. A partner just like you. Someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Let’s face it, nobody chooses their parents. Some people may be happy with them, other conform and some may go their own way. But a partner is something you chose!

In this video, marrying a partner your parents like we will discuss what this situation may lead to and what you can do? If you want to do some soul searching on this topic this video is ideally for you. However, marrying a partner your parents like is also interesting for people who are not situated in that hiccup?

It’s always good to get to know the world and what’s going on in everyone’s lives to get a better understanding of problems that float around there.

In my opinion, you should be marrying a partner your parents like. But if your parents cannot agree with that you should part ways with them for the sake of your life. However, I will warn you in the video of devious situations that sometimes sabotage your life. It’s called bribing someone. This together with manipulation or throwing dirt on a relationship can be a reason to chose for your partner instead of your parents. But like I said this is ultimately your choice, you can only be made aware of what’s out there to help you make better choices and do what’s right for you.

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