L’Oreal – Curl Nourishment Cleansing Conditioner – Review

L’Oréal Curl Nourishment Cleansing Conditioner review. That’s what this video is all about. If you have curls or you just looking for a hair wash product that’s totally amazing than this is it. You don’t need to have curls to wash your hair with this. I think this is suitable for any hair and will have a great outcome. Especially when you have dry hair.

But let me tell you more about what’s inside this wonderful product that comes at a really affordable price. 400 ml of product that both washes and conditions. It also doesn’t foam which makes the Curl Nourishment Cleansing Conditioner an even better product. Why is that Seth? Well, it’s because it doesn’t have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in it!

For about 4 to 5 euro’s you will have this product in arms reach. Did I mention L’Oréal Curl Nourishment Cleansing Conditioner has amla in it? This oil penetrates the scalp and this will reduce itchy scalp why comes from dryness. Besides this fantastic oil, it has 6 other oils that were derived from flowers.

Flower power!

Great can only become greater when you realize that this product will leave your hair soft than before. It will feed you hair while you wash it. So why wait when you can get this awesome product at an even more awesome price. Only for the looks of the bottle would you get such a fantastic thing in a product in your arsenal. But we won’t do it for the looks alone since this product will rock your life! Get it on your bathroom shelf lock lovers!

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