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How to Care for Denim

How to care for Denim? Well, let’s find out in this guide. Last week in our video about Quality or Cheap jeans we talked about what you get for what you pay. Today, however, we are giving you advice on how to make your denim look great for a longer period. Plus how you can keep your jeans clean and smell fresh. This will definitely save you a buck along the road. Talking about saving, here is my 4-part series on Saving Money.

Your jeans will have all sorts of problems if you do not treat it with care. Our advice on cleaning jeans will prevent those problems. If you are looking for some nifty tips to wash your jeans than you can find them in this video. If you have some more advice for people out there. Or you have a problem with your jeans than feel free to reach out.

Here is a view on the tips

– If you can do not keep your jeans clean as long as possible
– If you are working outside or doing a job that will get you dirty wear something else
– Hand wash your denim or use the cold washing cycle on your washing machine.
– If you cold wash you can use some textile freshener on it or do it without washing the jeans when it smells a bit
– Wash with mild products instead of the harder products out there
– If you have stains than wet the jeans and rub some washing powder on it and let it sit for a couple of minutes
– If you wash it warm eventually follow the instructions on the label
– Let it air dry instead of using the dryer
– Dry-clean your jeans for less shrinkage and to maintain the color longer
– If you wash it the first time it will bleed, try putting a faded jeans in the machine with it that has a similar color.

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