Eight spring essentials 2017

Eight spring essentials 2017 is about letting the dog out for a walk and throwing the Frisbee. Ladies and gentlemen. This is the time we want to sit back and wallow ourselves in the sun.

It may have gotten a little hotter and it may get even hotter as the summer arrives and you want to cool down. Well in eight spring essentials 2017 we go over eight essential items to have when spring time is here. These items are essential to a great wardrobe and having it together for those warm weather sunny suntastic situations.

Here are the items you may want to look for and in the video, we will go over them in detail or help you find ways to wear them with more pizzazz.

1. A great of shades, to keep you from squinting your eyes.
2. Shorts to cool of your legs
3. A basic shirt that matches that great pair of shorts
4. A cool looking bag to carry scooby snacks in! Or the next issue of fun loving magazine
5. Loafers, sandals or whatever to keep your feet smell like angels
6. A great looking fabric belt
7. Wristwear, bracelets or a macramé wristband
8. A straw hat!

Ladies and gentlemen spring is here, summer is coming faster than a Ferrari SF70H from a race track. Better make sure you start browsing some windows for some great looking spring items to go with that sexy one that’s hanging around with you. He or she is definitely worth it.

If you’d add an item to this list which one would it be and why would that be? Let us know in the comments below and if there is anything else I can do for you before I go chasing the sun then let me know! I’m happy to help you find out the perfect short/shirt combo or what kind of belt works great on what kind of sneakers.

Thank you for watching.

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