Lets Cook a Pre-Workout

Let’s jump right into the scene, there is a hot lioness you want to impress. Today we go over one way to make that workout drink.
Here is a list of the ingrediënts, depending on the type of workout I vary on those things I put in:

Caffeine, (tabs 400 mg before working out)
Creatine, (7 gr),
Dextro, (15-20gr), Bcaa’s (5-7gr)
Taurine, Betaine and citrulline (2.5, 2.5, 5gr)
Elektrolytes, (a normal scoop),
A multivitamin powder, (40% recommended) + vitamin C, (100% recommended)
MSM sulfate, glucosamine, (4 gr and 3 gr)

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