Intermittent fasting, IF vs LS

Intermittent fasting, if you don’t know it you are behind a couple years. However, even intermittent fasting becomes old news and gets out of date.

Sure it’s a good and fast way to lose fat but it has it’s unpleasantries too. In this video, Seth Carnett will tell you about LS which has fewer unpleasantries and which give you more options. Seth himself ‘invented’ LS or should I say Limited selection.

Limited selection is another way of eating than Intermittent fasting.

With limited selection, you can eat 24 hours a day but the difference lies in an 18-hour window and a 6-hour window. In the 18-hour window, you are only allowed to eat proteins, fats and low GI veggies. In the 6-hour window, you are allowed to eat a low amount of carbs except for 1 day in the week. That day you can eat double the amount!

The proof is in the pudding. Last year I did this diet and I started early. Mid-summer I had lost about 6-8 kg of fat! This period I’m going to go for the same amount of fat loss! You wonder if you will lose the same amount of fat as when you do intermittent fasting and I’d say yes. Yes, you will lose the same amount of fat as if you would do IF. Because it mostly depends on caloric intake and giving your body the chance to burn fat!

Want to try something new? Is Intermitted fasting too much of a hassle for you because of the not eating period than LS may be a solution to your discomfort! Try it out for a month or two and let us know what you thought about it. If you want to communicate with me about it feel free to send me a message. God speed!

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