In May you May Consider!

In May you may consider. In May you may consider a lot of things if you ask me! May is such a wonderful time of year. I find this month the beginning of a very beautiful part of the year. I always get so excited about this season. I get excited about every season actually but springtime is the time I love most! Typically they call spring the love season. But enough about that and let’s get to business.

In May you may consider skincare!

This video is all about my favorite body lotion. Taking care of your body is really important. Because, our body, especially our skin, which is the first layer of our body, goes through quite some environmental changes. Change of diet, change of temperature, change of climate, change of shower gel and so much more! OK, so now you took a breath and as I told you the facts!

Now let’s handle the truth! With dove silky nourishment body cream you don’t have to be afraid at all! This is my favorite lotion and I’ll tell you why.

1) It’s non-greasy
2) It’s not too perfumey
3) It’s not too expensive
4) It absorbs into the skin really well
5) It’s not too thick or too runny

What more do you want from a body cream? So in may, you may consider buying yourself a tub of dove silky nourishment body cream. I sure would!

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Do you have a better alternative or a better product you want me to try out!? Send it to me or let me know where I can find it and love to do a review on it. Hey if you got products and you want me to do some reviewing I will love to handle that for you! We ain’t all cut out for show biz. Love you guys see you later!

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