Proud of You!

Sometimes a man has to be a man and stand up for what is right. Sometimes a man needs to say I’m proud of you! Seth has been through a lot in life, surely he and others will go through a lot more! However supporting others who are grateful for it brings something to the table that’s good for every relationship.

In this video, I will explain a couple of consequences of bad behavior and what kind of bad behavior is out there in society. I wish to put a hand out for people who are young and who still make mistakes. If the hand is hot, I will play it to win. But if you leave me cold, if you leave me hanging there, there is not much I can do for you. And there is not much you can do for me. Therefore I think it’s really important to work on yourself and your relationships. I have always told you how important they are and that you should be grateful to have them.

If things are rough.

If you don’t know what you should do, you should trust yourself. I am proud of you today because you trust yourself. Because you do whatever you think is right and even when you made mistakes in doing what you thought was right you still have trust.

I think you won’t go wrong with trusting me, I will be there for you whatever the distance and I will be that reflection of all the loving people you want and have in your life. Together we can work on being better for each other. That is why I’m proud of you and why I want you in my life. My greatest fans, I am your greatest fan. Just for the record. There is nothing that can ever change that. It’s bigger than just being set in stone. It’s infinite.

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