How Friendship is Crushed

How Friendship Is Crushed isn't always that easily understood. For the sake of it, I gave it a shot. This last day of the week video will be all about How Friendship Is Crushed. I hope you can draw some good insights from it because that's the point right. That's what I want to reflect towards you, my good friends!

Some friendship may be dear to you! Something you hang or cling onto them. Because you can always rely on that friend right? Well, it depends on some of the things I talk about in this video! Is it really worth it to hold on to a friendship that's destined to die or get you misery?

How Friendship Is Crushed is a safety rope!

It's a guide that you can use to your advantage to spot possible toxic 'friendships'. It's like your personal assistant in the back of your head warning you to stand up and leave that shitty relationship.

It may not be comfortable at first knowing a 'friend' is or has been playing you. It may not be comfortable starting over but you will thank yourself and be a better man or woman without those nasty influences in your life.

How Friendship Is Crushed is up to you. Sometimes you should let them be crushed and you should just throw it in the recycling bin but in the see you never bin! If it's not fixable if they are not open to improvement or they starting to push blame on you, your better off without them.

Don't let potential friendships be harmed because you're still wandering around in ghostly friendships were nothing good comes from but negative thoughts and bad responses. Done is done! Go enjoy your weekend!

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