Hi, I’m Mr2ndopinion

I’m Seth Carnett from Mr2ndopinion. I started this project to give people a chance and a place to express their opinion about other Bloggers, YouTubers, Products, Services, Relationships, Fitness, Grooming and much more. It’s all about lifestyle in general. I’m at the beginning of this process so I hope to develop all of this along the way. I hope to grow this community and that I hope to see you have a good time. Make some good friendships and learn how to form your own opinion and disagree with others in a way a gentleman or a lady would.

I think this channel will grow out to be something spectacular where people can come together and have a good time. On my end, I can say I can’t wait to make more friends within the Social media communities. If you feel you want to subscribe then that would be great. If you also want to share and help the community grow that would be even greater. Or maybe you can offer me your services and we can work together. If you have questions please ask. I’m here to help you.

So please contact me.

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