Guide to Contact Lenses

This is not just a guide to contact lenses. This video has a mild undertone. But for those who are interested, there is some good information inside the video. Whether you going out to buy your first lenses or you want to know how other people keep them clean and maintain them.

More of in this video I, Seth Carnett, will show you how to put in a lens, the right way. I give you a very detailed and visual example of how I put my contact lenses in and you may even learn an extra trick out of it.

Next, to that, I will give you advice on how the fact that you should always remove your lenses at night so you don’t get any obscure eye conditions you didn’t know about yet. Keep in mind that you should take care of yourself even if you never learned from other how to do it correctly. I’m here to help.

Lastly, I will explain to you how you can put your lenses in without having blurry vision after you put them in. With a guide to contact lenses, it’s easy to find out whether or not your lens is inside out. This you can find out by putting the lens close to the eye and inspecting if it has a cup curve going on or a v-shaped curve. If the curve is V-shaped and you see a little frame around the lens it means it’s inside out and you should bend it carefully. If not your good to go.

After doing this a couple of times you will get the heck of it but in the beginning, it’s a bit unclear which side is which. However, if you do this your lenses won’t be put in wrong and you will not get irritated by the lens not being put in right and feeling uncomfortable. Your eyes will thank you for it. See you all tomorrow for another video!

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