Anti Blister Blessings!

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Are you enjoying great weather outside like I do? Watch this video, Anti Blister Blessings. So blisters stand no chance when you go hiking!  Personally, I’m a big fan of sunny weather and long walks in the forest! The only thing that withheld me from that in the past were blisters every so many miles or kilometers I would get pesky blisters.

Anti Blister Blessings is the guide your feet will love!

A guide that will help you walk more than double the length that you did before without getting any blisters! Walking is a very healthy activity and can be so good for the mind and spirit! It brings you at ease and gives you new energy!

There are some preventions you can take before going on a hike! These blister preventions, in other words, the right walking gear will make sure you can handle long hikes.

1 – Invest in breathable, light shoes, that you can tie tightly and
are large and wide enough for your foot but not too much
2 – Get breathable socks made of a fabric for long distance walking.
3 – Put talc powder on your socks and in your shoe’s.
4 – Take extra gear with you for the longer walks

These are my tips for you! Yet inside this video, Anti Blister blessings you’ll find more information & methods to stop blisters! Hopefully, your ideas and tips very soon! Or perhaps a good friend of yours can be helped with these ideas on how to stop blisters, so don’t be afraid to share the love! The most important tip I can give you when you are hiking and when you start to feel blisters coming up, take your shoe’s off and enjoy the scenery while you take a break! If all goes well you can refuel on some biscuits and some water and hear the birds sing!

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Thumbnail Anti Blister Blessings!

Anti Blister Blessings!

Anti Blister Blessings! Anti Blister gadgets: Talc Powder - Hiking Socks - Hiking Shoes - Vaseline
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