Great watch under 100 € – Timex Waterbury

Want to buy a great watch under 100 €? Haven’t you found a great watch under 100 € that looks amazing on you? Well, that won’t be the case anymore. We will help you find a piece of art for that price so check this video while you are here.

So let me introduce to you the Waterbury from Timex. This timeless timepiece comes in a variety of styles that varies at a price range of 100 €. I’ve personally seen them go from 44 to 160, it depends on which stores you visit of course. But I can tell you, there are some good deals to be found on Amazon.

But let’s dig into what makes this watch special.

With its strong leather strap, good looks, solid steel metal frame and crystal mineral glass you will not find a competitor that can come near to this great watch. This great watch under 100 € will rock your world. However, there may be exceptions out there I haven’t heard about yet! Let’s not trade away all our horses before knowing which one’s a racehorse right.

The Timex Waterbury is water resistant and comes with an INDIGLO nightlight so you can see the time in the more darker places. And if you saw the video from the day before you want to be able to still have some sight, when you are in dark places, right? Well, Indiglo will help you with that!

If you want to know more about this awesome watch than clicking the video and give it a look. In the video, you can see how polished and taken care of this watch is. I will also give you some advice on what you should look for when buying a watch like the Timex Waterbury and I will help you find “the perfect watch”. Just click on this link right here and we will take you right to the collection. Have fun!

Timex Waterbury collection

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