The Giveaway Happening

The Giveaway happening! Getting free stuff made easy. You don’t need to be a creator you just happen to have to follow a creator who’s giving items away!

Let’s be honest and I’m trying to be totally honest with you guys. What the f-bomb am I with promotional items if I’d be getting too many of them to use myself!? Not much you would say. I’d say that your opinion is correct!

I could give these things to friends and family. Sure I can. But there is nobody closer to me than you folks. You are my friends and I see you as part of the family. I want to include you in everything that happens on this platform!

So in this video the Giveaway Happening I’ll be talking about how you can get a chance to win something by simply following me.

I’d also give you the chance to invest in this platform. These investments will be put into the platform itself to make it better. In my follow up videos I will inform you about how much we raised and what we think of spending it on. It’ll get better along the road I’ll ask you to vote for what to spend it on option A, B or C. Or something very similar to that.

In other words, the giveaway happening video is made to get this platform followers and investors! It’s only right they get to say what this platform should spend its money on. This can be on buying items to test and to give away or on something like a backdrop or a new microphone!

We truly hope you can come with us for this ride as this platform grown savvier every year. We wish to have you here when we are at the point of giving the best of the best away! So tune in and stay tuned! Thank you!

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