7 Reasons Why Girls Like LAZY Guys

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When I think about 7 reasons why girls like lazy guys I think about gold-diggers. Yet that hasn't had to be true for all girls who like lazy guys. Laziness my opinion is not a miracle. Laziness is not a great thing on its own. There are advantages to laziness but you have to put them to work to make it work.

Many times before I've been lazy and it bothered me that I procrastinated doing the job. I learned not to procrastinate and to be less lazy but that didn't cut it either. I remained lazy because the job that had to be done wasn't cut out for me. Are you as lazy as I'm?

7 Reasons Why Girls Like Lazy Guys makes me laugh.

When I wrote this I was really optimistic about the things I've learned while doing some research and reflecting on it. Sure I'm still a hard worker. I think I'll always be a hard worker in one way or another but laziness will definitely change to way I'll be working in the future.

We lazy guys have the right to be lazy. It will take me to work whenever I don't really feel like going. It will get me new ideas, insights, and options. Ladies and gentlemen being lazy isn't a problem at all. I think that's the main reason why I liked making this video so much!

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