Get your ass to the Gym – {funny}

Get your ass to the gym! In today not so serious video we want to give you a perspective on why you should go to they gym. Even when you feel tired. I myself have to drag my ass off to the gym from time to time. It’s hard, it’s rough but wanna know what’s even better. The self-worth I get out of it after I done it.

Today’s video may not be what you expected. It’s meant to be a more funny video but some of these things can be painfully through. However, that doesn’t stop no one from staying home. Or am I wrong? Did I do a pretty godlike video over here?

Some of my videos are sad, some are very serious this one is very funny. I’m like that. I think that you shouldn’t always take things too seriously and that you sometimes should make a little fun of the worries you have in life. That don’t mean you shouldn’t dedicate your life towards something but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all of the time either. In my videos, I try to give you a mix of all the things that are good. You only live once and you don’t have the time to fail at it really. Before you know it all those chances is gone.

You have one shot. Take it. Just do it!

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So many cheers for all those enjoyed and watched the video! I hope you enjoyed ever single bit of it!

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