Embracing YOUR Enemy!

Let's start with a self-mocking joke before I advise you into embracing your enemy. Yes, advice you into. I'm well aware that my opinion may get you to hang around your enemies and have two-faced behavior around them. But at least your trying to be a good person and you do not stick it to them like they stick it to you.

That takes a lot of courage and willpower and eventually, you may convince the person to become a business partner instead of an enemy. The point of this video being is to teach you, folks, how to deal with your daily business. How to deal with your enemies and how to be more confident in what you can do!

You can't flee your enemies embracing your enemies is all you have.

This is easier said than done. To be a strong person in a very competitive world takes guts! Guts you can train! Guts that can help you digest the worst of foods! You have to stop seeing your enemy as the enemy and making yourself your enemy in such a way. You won't be friends right away but you may want to try the sidestep which is called being a frenemy. It might well be you'll stay in that zone with that person or worse. They become your frenemies again and they think they can go their own way.

Always be alert for a fight, always be aware it can break out at any time! This is stuff for people who live in highly competitive situations. The everyday kid from the block won't be having to deal with these things to much. If you wanna lead a simple life and do your job that's fine, pick the winning side. If you want to be the best of the best then you better be embracing your enemy!

Prepare yourself for the worst, prevent from breaking! Stand your ground and be strong. Don't become your worst enemy and prevent weaker people LIKE YOU to be as stupid LIKE YOU. See eye to eye on you discords and come to contractual binding agreements and become great business partners with a higher goal! Pledge yourself to that! Follow Mr2ndopinion.

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