Different types of perfumes! [BEWARE]

Beware, ladies & gentlemen! Are you getting swindled? Perhaps. Maybe even in ways, you don’t know yet! Different types of perfumes for different types of consumers!

In today’s video, we will discuss why there are different types of perfumes and what the difference is between these different types! Because there are some things you should know about them! You should know there is one main difference. That main difference is the concentration of fragrance used in them! Let us inform you on how that difference can give you other outcomes!

Different types of perfumes come at lower or higher prices!

Why is this? Well because fragrance costs more if you use more of it. That’s simple economic coming together with marketing it makes up the difference between perfumes. That’s why it’s a strategic choice!

So are you being swindled? I would say your not! You are getting the value you paid for most of the time! There are reasons why you may want to have a less strong concentration of fragrance. Sometimes you don’t need the smell to hang around you for the entire day. Preferences most of the time dictate the fragrance concentration you are looking for!

But why should you read about this when you can watch the video right? We hope this video informed you on the different types of perfumes available! With these terms, you now know which one is which and what prices you may come to expect from it!

But in my opinion, you can never spend enough on smelling like an undeniable field of flowers! To conclude this we hope you enjoyed our video on different types of perfumes and you gained more knowledge about it! If you have a great Eau de toilette, Eau de perfume or cologne to recommend us then do so in the comment section! Thank you for watching!

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