Deflowering a Girl - Like A Gentleman

Deflowering a Girl Precautions: Condoms

Deflowering a Girl. In other words losing virginity. Some people think it's a funny thing and many times people make jokes about this kind of stuff while it's not a topic to make fun about. It's a topic to think about.

A girl that loses her virginity has to get something in return in my opinion. It's how a bond between a beautiful woman and a man is made. It's one of the beauties of life, the bonding process. It happens in many ways between many people! In this case through having an intimate moment with a lady!

Attention: Deflowering a Girl is a matter of RESPECT!

Are the types of men you want to align with and call brothers. These men truly understand the need of brotherhood and the care that has been put into a woman's life and in return comes back to life in you through her grace!

This video isn't going to tell you about some questions you might have and that's why the comment section will always be open for suggestions for videos to come. But today pressing matters such as respect, dignity and duty come to heart.

Modern society, in my opinion, has become a pool of filth. Or should I say always was? It's time you make some room in your lives for some more civilized behavior gentlemen! You and her will like it the rest of your life! As my grandpa used to teach me an apple is good peeled and unpeeled! It's not the peeling that matters it's who eats it that matters!

Gentleman stand up for a woman, make sure she can trust you, Life won't be easy all of the time but you can make the garden that grows alongside it be an extremely beautiful place. Perhaps paradise is closer than you thought it was!

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