Dealing With Addictions part 3

How to handle triggers in your environment that set you off to go back to your addiction. Dealing with addictions part 3.

Let me start off by telling you that you are in control firstly and secondly that people may or may not be aware of the fact that they trigger certain habits. However, these triggers play into your senses and into your memories and thoughts and this may give you an urge to relief yourself from the stress signal coming onto your feelings from the environment you live in.

In this video, dealing with additions part 3

I will explain to you that you have to stand up for your right. That you shouldn’t listen to bad information or the bad education you may have suffered. I’m saying suffering because whether or not you like to admit it your body is degenerating from your bad habits and so is your brain who has let go of your animalistic needs. In other words your acting as a degenerated human been. But that’s not your fault. You can fix it, whether or not you have to do that with or without watching this video.

So want to know more about how to handle your environment and how to reduce the triggers in your environment than feel free to watch the dealing with addictions part 3 where you can find more information and empowerment to help you through that. If it comes to learning new habits a little bit of learning isn’t enough but it’s a start if you receive the right information about what haunts you and what’s happening in your life. But beware of so-called revealers of the light. They are fake. I might be fake. Depends on how you make the information I share with you be worth something.

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