Dealing With Addictions – Part 2

Guilt & shame piling up? You went cold turkey and you are super nervous thinking you can’t handle it? Dealing with addictions – part 2 will help you! How can I handle all the emotions coming through the door at once? Don’t worry Seth is here to help you through it.

In this 2nd part, we will make sure you have the tools or at least some solid ideas to fight the addiction, to kick the habit. It may not be easy but it shouldn’t be that hard either. With some insight on what you may feel once you quit your addiction, you will get further down the road than when you didn’t have them.

Supporting you to deal with your addiction is what I do in this video. I will tell you it’s okay and I’ll help you grow your feelings in such a way that you will be able to handle them on your own. However, I’d advise you to keep listening to people who really hold their hands above your heads for when it starts to rain.

I’ve seen many people out there who make money off keeping you addicted and I will simply not allow it for those who want to quit they can quit! Don’t let anyone patronize you and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do or think or feel. Grab a hold of your addiction and deal with it today, right now!

So let’s take a walk and find out that you should listen to your feelings and have someone on the side that helps you control them together with you. Allow yourself trustworthy people in your life. I don’t want anything in return but your friendship. Let’s take that first step.

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