Cracked Heels OR Damaged Feet [GUIDE]

Cracked heels or damage feet tools: Foot Files & Foot Balm

We can go on and on and on about the reasons why you get cracked heels or damaged feet. Prevention or knowing why something happens can be of use to you. It can help you make decisions, decisions that will bring safety back to your feet! Or decisions that can treat them by using a balm for example!

Cracked heels or damaged feet – Game Over!

Follow this practical guide which is laced with some humor and your are going to be welcomed to bed by your partner! Find the magic that happens inside the bed by using this video to your advantage!

What do you need to make this happen and create soft and undamaged feet! A simple foot file and a great foot balm. Don’t worry the foot file won’t hurt. It looks a bit like a cheese scraper but that’s alright start off gentle. If your skin isn’t too cracked or you don’t have really have a hard skin you can opt for the finer files you find out there. If you got heavy work to do it’s better to opt in for the harsher files which are more coarse.

Also, try to take a lovely foot bath after using the file on your feet so you can get the ‘foot dust’ off and you prepare your pores to absorb the foot balm more easily. That’s all there is to it!

If you know a good foot file ladies and gentlemen or a foot balm you can recommend then please do. I’m interested in scouting for good products all of the time! That’s how I am that’s part of who I am.

Seth Carnett from Mr2ndopinion. Cya Tomorrow!

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