Confidence Part 2

What does body language say about someone? In confidence part 2 we will tell you that body language can be misleading. Some people believe they are confident and that they are Alpha but they hardly are in my opinion. But even opinions can be misleading you need to find out what’s right yourself!

In this video, confidence part 2, I will talk about people who position themselves in such a way that people come to believe they are depressed. We will also talk about people who overly present themselves. Perhaps even try to dominate others. Which in Seth’s believes is not really the behavior of a confident person. Body language can tell you much about people. But to be confident you should be open and able to deal with your emotions and what goes on around you.

Sometimes your confidence gets you in trouble.

Especially when you stand up to people who create a very depressing or aggressive scene. People who want to oppress you or want to dominate you can be overwhelming but with confidence, you can overpower yourself and your emotions! Trust in your own capabilities.

With your body language, you can tell others what you will allow and will not allow them to think about you or how to act towards you. Someone who cockblocks your joyous moments with acting all depressed around you or someone who takes up space in the moment you set your eyes on a beautiful woman or man, if you’re into that, is not appreciated and you shouldn’t let them do that to you. Be confident and stand your ground.

Find out more in our video about what body language tells you about someone and feel free to watch our video tomorrow because we will be discussing what we will be giving away on the mr2ndopinion platform!

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