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Hi welcome, I like to welcome you to my channel
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I hope to teach you a trick,
stick with me for a while
Everybody out there
today you gonna eat ma style
we gonna meet for a while
I promise to be great
manscaping the hell out of you,
damn man you’ll master it mate
you want to date that girl,
then step into her life
let me help you make her scream
she gonna be your wife
Get out a bed get fed
and do that push up again
by now you didn’t do any
after you’ll score a perfect ten
since when did you get out
to be so darn damned blessed
since you subscribed
got a adieu from the west
We invest in types like you
get you into your shoes
the laces, pants, blazers
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royce has been rolling us
we know who we are
so get signed up today
if you want to do it really
gitty up on that horse wait for it
no don’t be silly
What is happening today
in the life of Seth
Let’s talk about it
first, let’s watch him thread
Watched him flip you a tip
a trip we ain’t skippin
Grab your tools boys
real men into whiskey sippin
If you ain’t flipping yet
I teach you how to hussle
Grow that beard out just weird out
deliver that muscle
just do it don’t screw it
you won’t be her screwer
I’m teaching you kids
to become the king that’ll do her
Just sign up today
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I know shakespear got nothing on us
We are a new-generation
We’ll be living it our way

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