Build Muscle FAST - #1 FOOD

Want to know the absolute #1 FOOD  to Build Muscle Fast? You do? Great,  today we will discuss in this video 1 particular food that's so great, so fantastic, that it will blow your socks off! We will give you a good idea why and what exactly is in that food that makes it fantastic! You will also get a good idea of some numbers, to help you get an idea of how much of the 8 essential amino acids you actually need. 8 essential amino acids you can find in this food!

But there is more! Build Muscle Fast!

We will help you figure out how to build more muscle by eating the right foods at the right time. We will also give you a nutritional value of the eggs themselves and tell you why it's a great post workout meal!

There are many health benefits to eggs that we will inform you about. We will give you some of the minimum needs of the 8 essential amino acids, like we said earlier. These are the once that you want to have out of your daily food to be assured of your muscle fuel! Eggs are a great meal in the morning but also good as a snack! You can cook them in various ways or you can boil them and store them in the fridge for later that day! Personally, I find cold hard boiled eggs very tasty!

After you watched this video you will know more and won't wonder anymore why are eggs the best. You will simply know it! This is the best food for weight lifting. If you want to get more information just ask me! I'm sure I can help you find the info you need if you can't find it yourself!

If you have any great recipes you want to share! That please leave us a message in the comment section below! Let us know your favorite egg recipe!

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