All Sorts of Undies For Men!

When I started looking for all sorts of undies it came to my attention that there are many sorts of undies out there. All have a different name. So if you want to know the name of the underwear you’re looking for this is a good guide for you.

On the other hand, we will also give you an idea on how these undies will sit and what I think of them. This informative video all sort of undies is brought to you together with some pictures. You may be surprised if I told you that men bikini briefs are actually looking good. Find out in the video why that is.

Personally, I think the boxer briefs and the trunks are my go to undies. I think they are comfortable and they don’t leave my john flapping from the left to the right like in boxers. When I was younger I had to find this out by myself but you don’t have to find things out by yourself if you follow our videos from time to time I, Seth Carnett, will tell you.

You may sometimes think well, I already know this but still, there may be things in our videos that you didn’t know about. Sometimes you find out more about a person in the way he or she if you listening to a lady tells it. I invite you to get to know me and I hope I can get to know you.

Anyway, enjoy this all sorts of undies for men.

Some pictures went missing for who knows what reason… ><

Personally, I think my friendly neighbor Antoine has something to do with it. Anyway here is me putting in an effort and providing you with links to images on both the trunks & the jockstraps.


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