Ultimately we want to own a Private Corporation that utilizes and see’s people as a product who go through a process. Who doesn’t like awesome people? Let’s break this vision down or should I say up from the ground.


Looking ahead has never been a problem for me. Working towards it neither. Since a very young age, I got inspired by a good friend of mine to raise a company of the ground. It starts with yourself, Am I right or Am I right, right?

So this great friend of mine inspired me because I’ve seen him do the same when I was young. His lifestyle became a part of my lifestyle and at an early age, I adopted the way that good friend looked towards life. Very soon that person had more saying how I should live life than I did myself. It led to a nasty break-up and until this day it seems that person can’t get over it.

However, I continue to hold on to that perfect relationship I have with my dearest friend and I work on this company now. Many companies have failed in the past. Can you believe it but I wanted to be a musician a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t succeed. It didn’t succeed and how Mr2ndopinion is going is also very questionable.  Yet I have the strength to hold on to that vision this time. This time from the start I have a good grip on it, unlike the other targets I had in life.

So as I said ultimately I want to lead this channel to be a platform for young people who have a dream. I want to help them stretch and reach towards their abilities even if they are hard to get. I want to be a support not only by advising them but also by being a platform where young men and woman can come together and share their abilities. So we can make the best out of each other and gain an almost blessed position in society.

How am I going to do that? That’s simple. I have 3 rules, be honest or say goodbye, give each other discount &  support unlike towards none-familiars and put yourself out there to be the best you can according. That’s the type of Private Corporation I’m going to run. That’s the type of things you can expect when you are part of this platform. As we grow the possibilities will become bigger and I’m certain that we will attract savvy business partners who want to come along for the ride. It’s been done before and I’m holding up the same rules as my good friend.

Besides making the best of this platform and everyone connected to it I’m also putting my heart out for the unfortunate and those who are willing to be helped. In the future, if finances allow it I want to raise a private fund that helps out children who are oppressed or live in oppressing situations. But there is more. I will not only raise a private fund for those who are oppressed but also for those who see oppression of any kind and want to create solutions to get these problems out of the world. Whether this is oppression of humans, animals, plants of natural resources! There will always be an ear and heart out from our side to listen to these issues.

This somewhat covers the vision I have for myself and the company. If you like to be part of this and you want to help out, you are very welcome and you will thank you for this blessing as long as you want!

Yours Sincerely,

Seth Carnett
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