What is Mr2ndopinion

Mr2ndopinion is a creation of Seth Carnett, a simple man with a simple dream. To make you look like you always wanted, to make you be perceived like you always wanted and to make you be loved like you always wanted. In 2016, Seth Carnett started up Mr2ndopinion as an advice bureau. Seth always dreamt about being an advisor to people but never actually took steps into doing so. Today his lifestyle consulting is a way for him to help the average men out there who are looking for common sense advice. Focussed on enhancing their daily life experience and way of living. This through improving each visitor his image, style, grooming and fashion awareness and by giving them solid advice on fitness, relationship, and tool-related topics!  Overall we want you to be more assure you can lead ‘the happy life’ and we want to improve your self-knowledge.

Carnett has a long road ahead of him before being discovered by countless people out there but he is confident that he can be a guest in their lives and that he will make that happen internationally. Throughout the past 15 years, Seth Carnett has worked on developing his style and opinion through reaching out to thousands of men from around the world, listening to their story, screening their personal style, taste, grooming, fashion, image, wardrobe and even dating habits. Through his weekly YouTube posts, Seth tries to uncover secrets we only dare to dream about. In his video‘s he will host topics in the many areas of life.

Mr2ndopinion is not only expanding his opinion and style through education. No, Seth is also actively working with others that help you create your own style system and content. He finds it important that every visitor knows this website is about getting even better out there. So return to get more experience and fresh insights with every visit. By these means, we hope to create a durable relationship with our visitors and be a durable part of their lives. We hope to enlighten every visitor again and again on a daily basis.

Bottom-line is that Mr2ndopinion offers you, the visitor, a place to share your opinion and share your thoughts. He dreams to expand this place to a place where product reviewers can come together and where we can enlighten the crowd with opinions worth looking into.

Yours Sincerely,

Seth Carnett