12 STyLE Mistakes ~ [CRINGE JUICE]

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This video will definitely make you cringe multiple times. These 12 style mistakes may strike your imagination. 1960 fashion has never been so beautiful! Well, some of the 1960 fashion was beautiful but not these cringe style mistakes!

Dear reader, viewer, I don't want you to make these cringe style mistakes. Being poorly dressed gets you nothing in life! Your funny fashion mistakes will make people laugh and think you are into awkward fashion and you have a funny taste. Awkward fashion isn't a thing as far as I know. Have your voice and say no to weird clothing, say no to weird styles. Unless you want to be in cringe videos.

12 STyLE Mistakes: What not to wear?

You are too hot to handle. Too hot to handle when you make it pop. And when you make it pop... see what I did there? Fashion and you won't stand a chance. Give yourself a chance, give fashion a chance. A quick reminder 1960 fashion is passed. No white socks in sandals, please!

White socks in sandals is a big fashion fail. No matter what century it is! It's one of the style mistakes that will entertain you. That's why I've included it inside this pretty cringy video. I made it pop myself. I find myself very irritable in this video. A weird style for a weird fashion video.

That said Gentlemen & ladies, you are amazing! Never give up. Everyone makes mistakes, finds out what not to wear. Don't feel blue because of the fashion criticism put on you! Fashion criticism is just a step towards a more defined style where you can be amazing as you are! Because Fashion and you will become best friends! Cheers!

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